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What Your Sign's October Horoscope Predictions Mean for You. Scorpio season is all about rebirth. What will that theme bring about for your sign this month? By . Are you kink-shaming yourself, Cancer? Work on accepting.

Month of Bast

Only when the basic commitment is threatened do things go wrong. A Scorpio couple can be generous and very welcoming, not arguing until disturbing issues appear. There can be intense issues of feeling trapped, of being in a dark world devoid of color.

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Scorpio couples love in the shadow world, as well as the light. Perhaps this brings more risks, of being in the underworld together. Scorpios in this way are very shamanic, which has dangers because real shamans know how to kill as well as heal.

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A base of trust and commitment to move through life, whatever it brings, will be severely tested. A Scorpio is used to extremes and even drawn to them. Much will depend on timing maturity and self-awareness for the Scorpio-Scorpio pair to move through many seasons of life. Scorpios are naturally jealous and sometimes paranoid and need the mutual reassurance of monogamy. Betrayal of any kind is the death knell for the Scorpio couple, and the demise is often a long, drawn-out, embittering affair.

It may be hard to separate, keeping them locked in and fighting as exes. There's a strange hold, and cord-cutting ceremonies—visualizing the ties being severed—might do the trick. Another scenario is they keep going on and on in a relationship that's making them miserable.

Astrological Signs of an Empath: The Empress, The Shaman, & The Mystic

Having merged on every level, it's hard to say goodbye. It's difficult for Scorpios to forgive and forget, too. But the Scorpio couple gets each other in a way nobody else can. They can draw out the hidden gifts and be supportive in just the right way. Sex can be where they renew the bond and feel as close as two people can.

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With one look, they communicate volumes. They are deeply involved parents with a combined sixth sense that's spooky. Scorpios tend to put their all into their life's work, which is an area where mutual support keeps them in good form. Scorpios engage the poetic romantic soul in each other and allow their defenses to come down. As security clearances are granted, over time, more of the soulful core is shared.

Two Scorpios create a tender, edgy, brutal, soulful love atmosphere; the relationship becomes an entity as enigmatic as they are. Unless the waters grow too tainted, it's one that's made to last.

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What kind of Scorpio-Scorpio relationship will it be? That depends on the rest of the birth chart and how planets clash or harmonize.

How to read a natal chart

Updated September 28, Continue Reading. It really is a very individual and organic process, unique to the astrologer that is doing the interpreting.

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Shamanic astrology first considers the Moon and its orbit or node. These components are the building blocks in Shamanic astrology interpretation, although again, it does consider all the planets in the Solar System. With the Shamanic system, the emphasis is not on the Sun sign, which most people are familiar with.

Nearly all astrologers agree that the Moon and other factors in the chart are of equal or more significance than the Sun sign. A student of astrology since the 60s, Daniel has taken ancient and modern techniques and set up the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School in Milwaukie, Oregon, although he travels the world-over to teach and lecture. Shamanic astrology distills this notion further and beyond this, tells you what role you were likely to have played within your tribe, for example a healer, defender or communicator.

A point of difference to emphasise is that Shamanic astrology works with archeytypes and is driven by these points, not the aspects in a birth chart. Typically you would alternate the masculine and feminine principles to the twelve archetypes: Aries, masculine, Taurus, feminine, Gemini, masculine, Cancer — feminine, so that all Fire and Air signs are masculine and all Water and Earth are feminine. For example Aries is masculine and Cardinal, and women born under this sign can sometimes be misconstrued as being overly dominant or assertive.

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The Shamanic system empowers the Aries woman as an Amazon goddess, and offers male and female interpretations for all the zodiac signs. This means that there are 24 gods and goddesses in total, across the twelve zodiac signs. They do however perform rituals, for example ceremonies when Venus is conjunct the Moon, and this strain of astrology really encourages the individual to get in tune with the energies of earth and natures rhythms. The wonderful thing about astrology is that concepts and theories all feed our understanding of interpretation.