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What Your Sign's October Horoscope Predictions Mean for You. Scorpio season is all about rebirth. What will that theme bring about for your sign this month? By . Are you kink-shaming yourself, Cancer? Work on accepting.

Giant Jupiter concludes a year of touring through Scorpio on Thursday and enters Sagittarius, where values like optimism, education, and joy transform the dark into the light for the next year.

November 5 Zodiac Sign

Happy homecoming, Aries! The North Node shifts on Tuesday, inspiring you for the next two years to search for the people and places that feel familiar. Once you find them, make sure you tend to your home carefully to reap all the joy.

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Back to school? Jupiter enters your expansion and education sectors, motivating you to think more optimistically.

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The North Node lights up your communication sector on Tuesday, motivating you for the next two years to speak more intelligently and actively listen to the right information. On Thursday, happy-go-lucky Jupiter begins an annual tour of your intimacy, sexuality, and commitment sectors. Verbal communication is at the heart of these sensitive topics, so stay articulate, concise, and curious, and let the bodies do most of the talking.

Born on November 5 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Let it rain, Gemini! A financial journey becomes your focus for the next two years when the North Node shifts into Taurus.

November 5 Birthday Astrology

Ready to romance? Jupiter enters your partnership sector, inspiring an opposites-attract-style chemistry all year long—as well as exciting opportunities for new love, a deepening of current bonds, or healthy endings. Come through, Cancer! The North Node shifts to your sign on Tuesday, asking your beautiful values to lead the rest of the zodiac. This is a good placement for your own self-efforts and initiatives.

Expect financial gains and focus on new and independent opportunities — and speak up as a consultant, teacher, publisher. Jupiter ruling your second house of wealth, status, and family life will be transiting your first house of self, health, appearance, reputation and personality. Focus on teaching, publishing, consulting, religion and law. Enjoy wealth, status, and family life. Expect success and happiness with relationships, children, and parents. This placement is favorable overall for you and your family during this particular transit.

Jupiter ruling your first house of self, health, appearance and personality will be transiting your twelfth house of losses, expenses, separations, hospitals, prisons, and institutional life. Be patient with losses, expenses and insomnia, and protect your health and reputation. Take care of your hips, liver, pancreas or gallbladder.

Teach, publish, consult and advise in foreign lands or away from your birthplace. Consider a spiritual journey or spend some time being reclusive or living in an ashram, convent or monastery. Focus your fitness practice on stretching and strengthening your hips.

Astrology forecast (October 11, – November 5, ): Jupiter transits Scorpio – Planetary Sara

It is favorable for you to use yellow clothing and furnishings — and to wear a yellow sapphire gemstone. Jupiter ruling your twelfth house of losses and expenses will be transiting your eleventh house of gains, income, friendships, and older siblings. If Jupiter is strong and does not cause afflictions in your natal chart this transit is favorable for connecting your income and friendships with teaching, publishing, and consulting. If Jupiter is weak and afflicting in your natal chart it can cause losses, expenses, depression, separations, hospitalization, imprisonment, insomnia and trouble living abroad.

Jupiter ruling your eleventh house of gains, income, friendships, and older siblings will be transiting your tenth house of career and professional life. If Jupiter is strong in your natal chart this placement will be favorable for your career and professional life — connected with teaching, publishing, and consulting. Expect luck in the workplace.

You may get a raise, promotion, award or recognition. Jupiter ruling your tenth house of career and professional life will be transiting your ninth house of good luck, divine grace, religion and long-distance journeys. If Jupiter is strong in your natal chart this placement is favorable for luck and recognition in the workplace. Ask for a raise or promotion. You may come into your power as a teacher, publisher, consultant or religious leader. She specializes in helping people with career, relationship and health advice. LEO ASCENDANT: Jupiter ruling your fifth house of higher education, children, investments, and creative projects will be transiting your fourth house of parents, property, vehicles, fixed assets, home life and domestic peace.

Innovators and curious diggers through information, they make great scientists and researchers who know their way through irrelevant details to reach the core of any issue. For those born on November 5th blue barite is a very good choice of healing crystal. It is a stone that boosts psychic communication and helps one get in touch with their higher purpose. It has been used by women in history for healing wounds that men received in battles and is known to set one free from different forms of trauma. It aids memory, thinking processes that need to connect to higher meaning, and helps one to bring down communication about higher issues on an earthly plane and into daily relationships with more ease.

The choice of birthday gift for those born on November 5th may be a book on topics of interest, something quick to read, carrying practical knowledge or understanding of deep phenomena brought to a simpler plane.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

A gadget with functions to explore, a new computer, tablet or phone, as well as a case for their old phone or something to add to their collection of items that make them productive, are a good idea. Spark some fireworks or spark their mind to get them excited for beauties of life. Witty, intelligent and aware of the core of any dialogue, they give important messages for those willing to listen and seek freedom and change in circumstances that are shallow or stagnant for too long. Unpredictable and stressed, they might push too many things down their throat only to explode in awkward situations.

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